The incoming Connecticut chapter leadership, along with a batch of new volunteers congregated in Hartford on May 3rd for our ‘mini’ leadership training conference. Held annually as a follow-up to HFMA’s national leadership conference which takes place each spring, ‘mini-LTC’ is an opportunity to introduce prospective future leaders to our chapter. Attendees join with newly-elected CTHFMA officials to plan for the upcoming year.

Incoming President Sarah Ginnetti of Hartford HealthCare ushered in the new chapter year by laying out a set of goals and expectations for her 2017-2018 term. Committee chairs and the new faces in attendance spent much of the afternoon brainstorming ways to improve the value of membership. Most discussed was member engagement. One goal among others for this year is to connect more members with volunteer opportunities within the chapter, which has served many in our leadership group so well over past years.

The board and officers are actively looking for anyone interested in gaining a bigger role within CTHFMA. We encourage any interested to contact our VP of Membership, Gary Goetz, or any other officers/directors, all of whose contact info can be found at our new website

Kyle Dunleavy

Senior Staff Reporter