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HFMA Connecticut Chapter
The Connecticut Chapter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association is a professional membership organization for individuals in financial management of healthcare institutions and related patient organizations. Refer to the following links to learn more about our chapter.
Megan Budd

Christina Steiner

2019 – 2020 CT HFMA President

Hello!  It’s my pleasure to be the President of the Connecticut HFMA chapter for the 2019/2020 chapter year.  I have been a Board Member of CTHFMA for the last 7 years.  Throughout that time, I’ve learned new skills that I would have never been able to learn just working in the legal profession.  I’ve also made friends in the industry, and have a great network of people that I can call on, whenever I have a random healthcare question, or have some time to kill after a business meeting and want to grab a coffee with an old friend.

As many of you already may know, I am the definition of what HFMA stands for.  I started my career as a healthcare attorney at a law firm, spent 4 years on the healthcare insurance side of the fence, and I am now approaching 3 years in a large, national hospital management company.  With each of these challenges, has come great rewards.  And, has given me a knowledge base and excitement about the industry that I will bring to HFMA each and every day.

In an ever changing industry like healthcare, it’s important to maintain some level of consistency and collaboration.  HFMA is that space.  It’s a gathering place for new, young professionals, middle management, and senior leaders.  It’s a place where everyone can learn and grow in various aspects of healthcare, as well as their own individual careers, in areas that they may not have had visibility to otherwise.

My goal this chapter year is to provide the most bang for our membership’s buck.  We are looking forward to planning some targeted networking events.  As always, our Women’s Event this year will be a can’t miss.  We are also planning some special new young professional events as well.  And, our always exciting and fun annual dodgeball tournament!  Throughout the year, our sponsors will be front and center, as they are the reason that we are able to achieve so much each and every year.  It’s with their help and support that we continue to excel and grow as a chapter.

I’m not one for many words, so I will leave my message with this.  This is a year that we are going to show the region and the nation who Connecticut is in the healthcare landscape.  With some of the best healthcare institutions in the country, and the insurance capital of the world, we are innovating and making change day in and day out.  So, buckle up members and sponsors… and for those of you who haven’t joined yet, it’s time!… it’s going to be a fun, and exciting year!

CT Chapter Officers, Board Members and Committees

Our Chapter leaders are here to serve the members. If you have any suggestions to improve our services; or would like to participate on a committee; or have an idea for educational programming or social events please feel free to contact any of our the Chapter officers, board members or committee chairpersons.