On January 18, 2018, CT HFMA held their first Dodgeball tournament at Nomad’s in South Windsor. The intention of the event was originally geared towards engaging young professionals with the help of our seasoned HFMA’ers acting as ambassadors. I wanted to offer a networking opportunity in a fun and relaxing environment that would attract our next generation. What actually happened was more than I could have ever anticipated. Registration started off slow but quickly gained momentum in mid-December. As I began talking to the teams I realized these teams were just as excited as I was about the tournament. Team comradery was already building within each organization and I was not prepared for what occurred on game day. Eight organizations, Sibson, Marcum, Hartford Healthcare, Parallon, Vantage Point, Qualidigm, Reid & Reige and Techton showed up at Nomads ready to play. There were team shirts, sweat bands, face paint, eye black, cheering sections, air horns and even the signature Patches O’Houlihan scarf. The excitement in the air was infectious as registration was underway and the teams began to warm up and practice. The energy continued to grow as drawings were held for the first round of the double elimination bracket and the rules were reviewed. Nomad’s has two full size basketball courts which allowed two games to be play at one time. What quickly unfolded was more than I ever expected. I knew it would be a fun time but what I wasn’t prepared for was the team building experience that was happening right in front of me. These eight teams made up of players of all ages, women, men, accountants, actuaries, lawyers, architects and consultants all walked onto that court unified and ready to compete. For many it was the first time playing dodgeball and the first round gave the teams a good sense of the rules and how the games were going to unfold. The second round was where you really saw that competitive drive as teams began to band together with their eye on the prize. The teams and their cheering sections bonded together and played with such heart and determination.

As the night unfolded I watched as Sibson dominated each of their games and quickly moved to the final bracket. Hartford Healthcare was a force to be reckoned with, and like a proud momma, I watched Marcum make the long trek through the “opportunity” bracket and fight their way into the finals. Sibson was crowned the champion in the final round and now will have to work hard to defend their title.

The only remaining question is: what’s next. As the healthcare industry changes it’s apparent that our methods of interacting, networking and collaborating need to change as well. We are already brainstorming for the next event and would love to hear feedback from you. Please feel free to reach out to me with any suggestions and feedback megan.budd@marcumllp.com. And most importantly…. SAVE THE DATE – January 17, 2019, same time, same place for our 2nd annual CT HFMA Dodgeball tournament.

Megan Budd

P.S. Be sure to check out our  Events Pictures Page  for more pics from the event!